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Rep. Stilwell Released HB 1117 Proposed Conference Committee Report March 6 March 10, 2008

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The Conference Committee on HB 1117 met on Thursday, March 6, 2008. Conference Committee Chairman Rep. Russ Stilwell (D-Boonville) distributed a proposed conference committee report with the following new language establishing a Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) for the State of Indiana:

Each electricity supplier shall supply electricity that is generated from renewable energy resources to Indiana customers as a percentage of the total electricity supplied by the electricity supplier to Indiana customers during a calendar year as follows:

  • Two percent (2%) by 2010,
  • Five percent (5%) by 2015,
  • Eight percent (8%) by 2020, and
  • Twelve percent (12%) by 2025.

The Conference Committee Report specifies that an electricity supplier may not use a renewable energy resource described in section 5(a)(5) of this chapter to generate more than twenty percent (20%) of the electricity that the electricity supplier is required to supply. Section 5(a)(5) refers to clean coal and energy projects (as defined in IC 8-1-8.8-2).

A full copy Rep. Stilwell’s proposed HB1117 Conference Committee Report is not currently available on-line.

To receive a copy of the proposed HB 1117 conference committee report, please send an e-mail to: lauraarnold@indianarenew.org.

Since our last post on this issue, Sen. Richard Young (D-Milltown) has replaced Sen. James Lewis (D-Charlestown) as a Senate conferee. Sen. Lewis is now an advisor to the HB 1117 Conference Committee.

The revised list of HB 1117 Conferees is as follows:

House conferees appointed:

*Rep. Russ Stilwell (D-Boonville), h74@in.gov

*Rep. Eric Koch (R-Bedford), h65@in.gov

House advisors appointed:

Rep. Kreg Battles (D-Vincennes), h64@in.gov

Rep. Jack Lutz (R-Anderson), h35@in.gov

Rep. Dale Grubb (D-Covington), h42@in.gov

Senate conferees appointed:

*Sen. Brandt Hershman (R-Monticello), s7@in.gov

*Sen. Richard Young (D-Milltown), s47@in.gov

Senate advisors appointed:

Sen. Thomas Wyss (R-Ft. Wayne), s15@in.gov

Sen. James Lewis (D-Charlestown), s45@in.gov

*denotes voting member of the Conference Committee



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