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Companies Across U.S. Poised for Growth Under Cap on Carbon March 1, 2009

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Congragulations to InREA member Bill Keith with SunRise Solar for his participation in Vice President Joe Biden’s Task Force.

Online Map Unveiled at Vice Presidential Task Force Profiles 1,200 Companies in Manufacturing States, Demonstrates Potential for Massive Jobs Expansion to Build Climate Solutions

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Environmental Defense Fund today released a groundbreaking online map that identifies and profiles more than 1,200 companies in key manufacturing states poised to grow their business and create new jobs when Congress passes a cap on global warming pollution.

The interactive map, online at LessCarbonMoreJobs.org, was released at the first meeting of Vice President Joe Biden’s task force on middle class jobs in Philadelphia. It highlights hundreds of companies and communities in coal country, the rust belt and other manufacturing regions poised to benefit from demand for clean energy technologies created by a cap on carbon.

Vice President Biden hosted EDF President Fred Krupp and a range of experts to highlight new ways to increase renewable energy jobs and improve America’s energy efficiency. Krupp said EDF’s map shows that a carbon cap will create new markets and new customers for companies in the supply chain for low-carbon energy technologies and services.

“Our nation is rich with a skilled and dedicated workforce waiting for the economic opportunity that comes with a cap on carbon, especially in the current economy,” said Krupp. “A cap creates customers for U.S. manufacturers, and new customers mean new jobs. If there was ever a time we needed new customers at home and abroad, that time is now.”

LessCarbonMoreJobs.org identifies the locations, products, and services as well as select case studies and worker profiles for companies in 12 states: Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, Virginia and Florida.

Jackie Roberts, Director of Sustainable Technologies for EDF, spearheaded the research behind the website. “These maps tell the story of how a cap can fuel economic growth in the heartland while reducing America’s global warming pollution,” Roberts said. “There is a manufacturing boom ready to happen, and a cap will help ignite that spark.”

LessCarbonMoreJobs.org allows visitors to search by state, Congressional district and media market to find companies manufacturing windmill components, shipping solar panel equipment and installing energy efficient building materials. The site also provides business details and contact information for companies in each profiled state.

Among the business leaders highlighted is Jeff Metts, owner and president of Dowding Industries, a Michigan-based manufacturer of large-scale machinery and parts that is hiring laid-off auto workers to build wind turbine components.

“This business is growing exponentially,” Metts said. “I don’t come here as the owner of a company that last year employed 250 people, I come here excited about being the owner of a company that will create hundreds of jobs for our community and the possibility of thousands of jobs for our state in this new energy market. We’ve tapped into a workforce eager to apply their skills from previous jobs to our new ventures, and the result has been incredible. We’re ready to do much more.”

Abe Breehey, Director of Legislative Affairs for the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, said, “The demand for climate solutions will create job opportunities across the economy. We can put American ingenuity and skills to work to reduce emissions, with all the necessary labor and materials to make it happen. With the right market signals, we can turn the jobs union members do everyday into the environmental solutions our nation needs to meet this enormous challenge.”

Bill Keith, president of the St. John, Indiana-based Sunrise Solar, Inc., echoed Breehey’s comments.

“We’re producing solar-powered attic fans, trying to keep up with a demand that’s skyrocketing,” Keith said. “We saw a market for energy efficient products and technologies that help consumers reduce their energy consumption, and we’ve been greeted with overwhelming support and demand. But we know there’s much more to do. We are hoping that Congress finally puts the economy on a path to embrace these technologies. My operation is ready to grow, and I know others companies like mine are ready too.”

Environmental Defense Fund, a leading national nonprofit organization, represents more than 500,000 members. Since 1967, Environmental Defense Fund has linked science, economics, law and innovative private-sector partnerships to create breakthrough solutions to the most serious environmental problems. For more information, visit www.edf.org.

Bill Keith, President of SunRise Solar Inc., is a founding member of the Indiana Renewable Energy Association. See www.sunrisesolar.net.



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