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Red Meat Rhethoric Served Up at Indiana Energy Summit May 27, 2009

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Marty Irwin bills go down because you can no longer afford energy.

None of the energy go to companies

EPA says increase in green jobs. 23,315 jobs will be lost in Indiana. Green jobs creation will also require energy to make. wind turbines require

you use more energy making PV then PV will make. EPA assumes that by 2020 that China will assume the same levels as US. Amazing remarks from Marty. we grow things and we make stuff.

we will be going from manufacturing state to welfare state.

gop.gov will feature all the remarks by the close of business today.

Steve Saum RPL member of IMPA. we are going to see grave consequences from this bill.

The least political remarks were delivered by Adam Wylie with Metal Technologies, Inc. Thank you Blake Jeffrey, Executive Director Indiana Cast Metals Association.

Upton: 1 in 3 customers in arrears in michigan i offered an amendment

RPL we are close to the 1 in 3. with cap and trade this could become higher.

upton: w eall support carbon capture

marty doe est. 30% of power + 85% higher cost for carbon capture

gibson largest coal fired power plant in the us

edwardsport model for new plants

buyer what we are arguinmg for clean energy std reforestation, carbon

preparing for peak oil 2037

why is nuclear and hydro not included in rps

horner–worker assistance program in bill because it is interesting for a bill that will be

making us all rich selling windmills to each other

the issue is not carbon reduction. need to be looking at nuclearu yo, if u wanted carbon reductions

burton–this is idealological, this is a move to a govt controlled economy…like before ww2

horner if you shift control, coal is a target because there is so much of it

sc was in favor of nuclear in the 50’s

latta: power usage base load cap. needed for industry?

wylie- we already control demand now, energy intensive

daniels–best approach is improving energy efficiency, ind identifies with the goals but think there are far better ways to get there

Pence–expose fallacies of cap and trade, we see it as a nat energy tax 2) comprehensive energy alt, looking to u, in calif tomorrow looking at nuclear power

2 q’s

sahm is pence district

there are leading voices that are supporting this leg. why are some utility leaders supporting cap and trade, daniels-they are doing their job and looking after their shareholders, they are being realistic to make 40-50 yr investment, they are also going to pass these cost on to their ratepayers, i am concerned about ratepayers we will not see, ie biz

q- not good for am but esp harmful to ind 8 of 9 in top 20 hardest hit by cap and trade, ind hardest hit state

pence quotes from wsj article by daniels

how important is opposition in ind? how strongly to oppose

u r leading the witness, i stress, this does feel more geographic warfare clearly these policies if u r in one of coastal states, ag sector will be hard hit


business climate work will erase cost adv of ind that we have worked to construct, appearance of exploitation, don’t think it is too far off the mark

upton–as a michigander, gov stop stealing our jobs

nuclear side 2 in my district, cook nuclear plant, when they were built 85% of the components came from us now the reverse, ability to add nuclear component when this bill comes to the floor

lot of steel could be produced in ind

important remnant

daniels climate change should support nuclear, i always say all of the a


buyer–why did pres change from auction to 50% allocation

daniels–each change lowers the pretense of lowering carbon emissions, by its own terms bill will

not cause desir3ed effects


Buyer–Markey said jim rogers was in the rm when neogitated the bill

burton–hard hot by auto problems, cost of bill, what if it did become law what would be the impact

daniels-all in red numbers just differ by degree as manfgering state energy costs will affect the state, #1 in international investment, repatriot those $’s, jobs that will be lost see opportunity lost go to china, it will be the dog that did not bark

latta-jobs, jobs,jobs ind top 20, i have 3rd worst according to heritage found. refer to it as cap and tax, how can we get this message accross about midwest

dan-bedate must become bipartisan and will be3come more regional, doyle of wi agree about this but n0ot a lot of other things, speculative perhaps imaginery benefits.


pence honor to have gov here

Pence real world impact of cap and trade, econ declaration of war by liberals in dc against the midwest


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