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Two Northern Indiana “Green” Businesses to be Showcased at Meeting June 13th June 9, 2009

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The Indiana Renewable Energy Association will highlight two “green” Nappanee-based businesses for installing solar systems and taking additional energy conservation steps. An open house will be held this weekend for auto dealership McCormick Motors and fur buying and trading company UNL Furs.

June 9, 2009

Indiana Renewable Energy Association (InREA) will host a public open house Saturday, June 13 for two “green” Nappanee businesses, highlighting the installed solar systems and additional energy conservation steps taken by the businesses. State Representative Wes Culver will speak at 12:00 noon at McCormick Motors, followed by presentations on renewable energy, and lunch will be served. McCormick Motors, a Nappanee auto dealership, will be open from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm. UNL Furs, a fur buying and trading business also of Nappanee; will be open for tours from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

“We are pleased to have a prominent state legislator and businessman such as Wes Culver attending our open house,” said Laura Ann Arnold, president of InREA. “He’s an active advocate for renewable energy; he introduced a bill to provide a tax credit for those who invest in a residential renewable energy system, and he supports action to remove the cap that individuals can sell back to utilities on electricity produced by their systems.”

McCormick Motors auto dealership features a solar grid-tied system, connected to the local utility company, installed in February 2009 by Home and Mobile Energy of Middlebury. The installation was partially funded with a grant winning from the Indiana Office of Energy Development Alternative Power and Energy Program. McCormick’s has taken many other energy conservation steps including adding insulation, high-efficiency lighting and programmable equipment that is turned on by demand only. McCormick Motors is located at 1255 W. Market Street in Nappanee.

UNL Furs’ renewable energy system, installed in September 2008 by Home and Mobile Energy, includes both solar and wind power applications. These off-grid solar and wind systems provide power for this fur buying and trading business. UNL Furs is owned by Ura Hochstetler and is located at 10558 North, 900 West, also in Nappanee.

The featured presentations on renewable energy will take place at McCormick Motors from 1:00 pm.-2:30 pm. Gordon Moore, owner of McCormick Motors, will discuss his research and implementation of renewable energy and conservation over the past decade. The auto dealership’s renewable energy project was designed in collaboration with an economics class at Goshen College, and serves as an ongoing educational sight for Goshen College.

Following Moore’s presentation, Arnold will talk about InREA’s mission and how to become involved in the promotion of renewable energy.

Leon Bontrager of Home and Mobile Energy and Eric Cotton of ECI Wind and Solar will give a presentation on net metering, explaining the billing arrangement between a utility company and a customer with a grid-tied renewable energy system. The presentation will include discussions on what a customer should look for in an agreement with the utility company, how Indiana compares with other states, how NEC codes affect installations and the difference in regulations between public utilities, co-ops and municipalities.

InREA was formed in 2008 by individuals and businesses supporting renewable energy development in the State of Indiana. The mission of InREA is to promote the use of renewable energy technologies, environmental sustainability and economic development in the State of Indiana. More information is available online at http://www.indianarenew.org/.

Source: Home and Mobile Energy



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