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Green Business Owner Responds to Congressman Mike Pence June 14, 2009

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This guest editorial was submitted by Terrence Black with Green Way Supply who is a founding member of the Indiana Renewable Energy Association in response to comments made by Congressman Mike Pence in the GOP’s weekly radio and Internet address. The original story follows.

Black: Pence Sounds Like “Henny Penny” on Cap and Trade

First, I would like to remind the “Henny Penny” chorus that we very effectively reduced Acid Rain in the 1970’s when we instituted and a cap and trade system on Sulfur Dioxide. The benefits far outweighed the actual very small increase in utility costs. We have a president that worked. Second, we will never persuade other countries to cut their emissions unless we do it ourselves. That’s called leadership. And finally with a sagging national economy hitting us hard here in Indiana, every elected official should be looking for ways to stimulate the economy and create jobs.

The climate bill before congress will essentially limit or cap dirty technology, which will create incentives to reduce our energy use and help develop and install more clean renewable sources of energy. I can tell you first hand that when it comes to creating jobs for Hoosiers, supporting local businesses, and helping residents save money, the smart money is on clean energy. In this economy, my business is growing. This year we have doubled our revenue and the number of employees here in Indianapolis. I believe energy management and renewable energy will be our biggest growth area in the coming years. We recently installed several small-scale commercial and residential wind turbines and photovoltaic systems that are true CLEAN ENERGY generators and more systems are scheduled to be installed this year.

My business also supports more than a dozen local Indiana companies that are the leading edge of the new GREEN ECONCOMY – one that has the potential to power us into a new era of prosperity and energy independence. Study after study has shown what I know from on-the-ground experience: investing in new, clean energy creates jobs at a much faster rate than investments in old, dirty energy sources like oil and gas. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts found that investments in clean energy produce two to three times as many jobs as investments in dirty, low-tech energy. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Department of Energy have issued similar findings. Why settle for half as many jobs when we could have double, or even triple? I think Congressman Pence, Governor Daniels and others are actually wrongheaded.

Terrence Black
Green Way Supply
(317) 822-8505

Pence: Climate bill is wrongheaded
Hoosier says GOP’s drilling/nuclear plan would have an alternative-energy payoff

By H. Josef Hebert
Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Republicans on Saturday slammed a Democratic bill before the House that seeks to address climate change, arguing that it amounts to an energy tax on consumers.
In the GOP’s weekly radio and Internet address, Indiana Rep. Mike Pence said Congress should instead open the way for more domestic oil and natural gas production and ease regulatory barriers to building new nuclear power plants.

“During these difficult times, the American people don’t want a national energy tax out of Washington, D.C.,” said Pence, the third-ranking House Republican.
Pence reiterated what GOP lawmakers have been saying for weeks: that the climate bill being considered in the House, which caps releases of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, would lead to much higher energy costs and accomplish little to counter global warming if other nations do not act as well. The bill’s supporters counter that the increased costs can be minimized.

Pence outlined the alternative proposal that he and several other House Republicans unveiled last week. The GOP plan included no mandatory limits on greenhouse gases — something that supporters of the Democratic bill argue is essential to reduce the risks of global warming.
Still, Pence maintains the GOP plan will promote nonfossil-fuel energy use.

“The Republican energy plan calls for more domestic exploration for oil and natural gas, renewed commitment to clean, emission-free nuclear energy, investments in renewable and alternative energy technologies and incentives to spur greater conservation among individuals and businesses,” he said.

The GOP plan calls for using revenue from more oil and gas drilling to promote renewable energy such as wind and solar; it also makes it easier to get approval to build more nuclear power plants. The proposal also sets a goal of doubling the number of nuclear reactors over the next 20 years.

When Pence introduced the GOP measure, the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called it “the same tired policies embraced” for years by then-President George W. Bush “at a time when Americans are seeking new solutions to rebuild our economy and break our dependence on foreign energy sources.”

published in Indianapolis Star on June 14, 2009

To watch the GOP Weekly Address http://www.gop.gov/media/weekly-republican-address/09/06/13/weekly-republican-address

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1. Anonymous - September 28, 2009

A) I love it when socialists refer to the spending of tax dollars as “investment”. You folks use the same argument for “investing” my tax dollars in the arts, or sports stadiums, or whatever: It creates jobs! Yee ha! Well then, why not just create all the jobs we need by “investing” every penny of tax dollars in these swell projects? Oh, well, turns out that wouldn’t work, the claim not being at all true. (Sorry for noticing.)

B) You might consider setting your own “president” next time by spelling “precedent” correctly.

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