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Green Industries Fund Created in State Budget Passed by Indiana Legislators July 1, 2009

Posted by Laura Arnold in Uncategorized.

Yesterday (6/30/09) state legislators adopted a new state budget that includes formation of a Green Industries Fund. Not sure yet how this will be funded or if it will be funded.


Chapter 34. Green Industries Fund

Sec. 1. As used in this chapter, “fund” means the green industries fund established by section 3 of this chapter.

Sec. 2. For the purposes of this chapter, “green industry” means an Indiana business that manufactures products that reduce energy consumption or lower emissions in the market of their intended use, including the following:
(1) Biofuels.
(2) Advanced technology vehicles.
(3) Alternative fuel vehicles and power systems.
(4) Clean diesel technology.
(5) Domestic appliances.
(6) Distributed power generation.
(7) Emission control systems.
(8) Energy monitoring, management, and efficiency.
(9) Fuel cells.
(10) Renewable energy.
(11) Smart grid technology.
(12) Highly insulative building construction products.
(13) Construction products manufactured from at least fifty percent (50%) postconsumer products.
(14) Other sectors determined by the corporation.

Sec. 3. (a) The green industries fund is established. The fund shall be administered by the corporation. (b) The fund may be used to provide grants and loans to Indiana manufacturing companies for the following purposes:
(1) To strengthen Indiana’s economy by focusing investment in advanced manufacturing clusters focused on more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable technologies, processes, and products.
(2) To accelerate job creation through training and education initiatives to enhance the skills and employment prospects of Indiana’s workforce in green industries.
(3) To facilitate the redevelopment of Indiana manufacturing sites, facilities, and processes to operate in a more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable manner.
(4) To stimulate the development of technologies, processes and products that reduce energy consumption or lower emissions in the market of their intended use.
(5) To encourage public-private partnerships focused on development of green industries among Indiana manufacturing companies, public or private educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations, research and development organizations, and state agencies.

Sec. 4. (a) An Indiana manufacturing company may apply for one (1) or more grants or loans from the fund.
(b) The corporation shall give priority to applications that meet three (3) or more of the purposes listed in section 3 of this chapter. The corporation shall base the award of a grant or loan on the number and quality of jobs being created, the community’s economic need, and the capital investment being made by the applicant.
(c) A grant may not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the applicant’s project costs.



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