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Michigan City News Dispatch Editorial Supports Net Metering in Indiana January 3, 2010

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Renewable energy ready for boost


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Opinion:

The Issue:

The Indiana General Assembly appears likely to relax limits on selling power back to utilities.

Our Opinion:

The Legislature should increase the amount of electricity utilities must buy from renewable sources.

It’s heartening to hear that Indiana lawmakers think a new “net-metering” law will pass in the 2010 session of the General Assembly. It’s especially good to know that power companies seem to be willing to accept expansion of the amount of power that utilities would have to accept.

Under net-metering, utility customers who generate some of their electricity from renewable sources are allowed to sell their excess capacity to the power companies, offsetting their electric bills.

Indiana law now applies only to homeowners and schools, and limits the amount of electricity a utility has to accept to 10 kilowatts. Legislation that is expected to be given serious consideration next year would up that figure to 100 kilowatts and expand it to businesses and municipalities. Meanwhile other lawmakers favor an even higher level of 1,000 kilowatts.

In an age when the nation desperately needs to encourage the development of power from renewable sources, the Indiana Legislature should change the law and expand net-metering. Similar legislation stalled in the previous session because lawmakers couldn’t find a ceiling they could agree upon – 100 kilowatts favored by some, and 1,000 by others.

It’s important that both Republican and Democratic legislators favor expanding net-metering, and as long as the power companies don’t fight it, certainly the lawmakers can find a compromise figure, and Indiana can move a small step forward in encouraging the production of electricity from wind and solar generators.

Indiana lags behind its neighboring states in net-metering policy, according to an advocacy group for renewable energy. Lawmakers should move quickly on this change when the legislative session begins Jan. 5.

Brought to you by the Indiana Renewable Energy Association.



1. Anonymous - January 22, 2010

Really, Laura? Really? Is Indiana close to passing net metering? Is Jim Merrit close to passing net metering? Because I’m pretty sure the bill dies on his desk last year. Are you lobbying him? Are you going to take credit for any progress this year like Merritt is prematurely taking credit? What. A. Joke.

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