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SB 313 and HB 1094 on Net Metering Scheduled for Hearings Feb. 18th February 16, 2010

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SB 313 net metering bill introduced by Sen. Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis)  is scheduled for a committee hearing  in the House Commerce, Energy, Technology and Utilities Committee on Thursday, February 18 starting at 8 am in Room 156C, State House Indianapolis. The House sponsors of SB 313 are Rep. Ryan Dvorak (D-South Bend) and Rep. Jack Lutz (R-Anderson). It is anticipated that amendments will be offered to SB 313 and that there will be a committee vote to send the bill to the House floor next week.

House and Senate leaders have agreed to accelerate the schedule for the 2010 session, therefore, the deadline for third reading or final passage of Senate bills in the House is Thursday, February 25th and vice versa.

Watch video from the House Conference Room 156c

House Commerce, Energy, Technology and Utilities Committee Members

Rep. Win Moses, Chair, HD 81 (D-Fort Wayne) h81@in.gov, (317) 232-9999

Rep. Matt Pierce, VC, HD 61 (D-Bloomington) h61@in.gov, (317) 232-9647

Rep. Kreg Battles, HD 64 (D-Vincennes) h64@in.gov, (317) 232-9798

Rep. Sandy Blanton, HD 62 (D-Orleans) h62@in.gov, (317)232-9676

Rep. Ryan Dvorak, HD 8 (D-South Bend) h8@in.gov, (317)234-9290

Rep. Scott Reske, HD 37 (D-Pendleton) h37@in.gov, (317) 233-5248

Rep. Dan Stevenson, HD 11 (D-Highland) h11@in.gov, (317) 232-9794

Rep. Jack Lutz, RMM, HD 35, (R-Anderson) h35@in.gov, (317) 232-9824

Rep. Eric Koch, HD 65 (R-Bedford) h65@in.gov, (317) 232-9793

Rep. Robert Behning, HD 91 (R-Indianapolis) h91@in.gov, (317) 232-9981

Rep. David Frizzell, HD 93 (R-Indianapolis) h93@in.gov, (317) 232-9981

Rep. Ed Soliday, HD 4 (R-Valparaiso) h4@in.gov, (317)232-9603

State legislators can also be reached through their Legislative Assistants.

House Staff are listed for state legislators as follows:
House Democrats http://www.in.gov/legislative/house_democrats/caucus_staff.html
House Republicans http://www.in.gov/legislative/house_republicans/staff.html

Senate Hearing on HB 1094 Net Metering

HB 1094 net metering bill introduced by Rep. Ryan Dvorak (D-South Bend)  is scheduled for a a committee hearing in the Senate Utilities and Technology Committee on Thursday, February 18 starting at 10 am Room 233, State House, Indianapolis. The Senate sponsors of HB 1094 are Sen. Jim Merritt, Sen. Sue Errington (D-Muncie) and Sen. Jean Breaux (D-Indianapolis). It is also anticipated that amendments will be offered and hopefully, there will be a vote to send the bill to the Senate floor for further action.

 Watch video from the Senate Conference Room 233

 Senate Utilities and Technology Committee Members:

 Sen. Jim Merritt, Chair, SD 31 (R-Indianapolis) s31@in.gov, (317) 232-9533

 Sen. Scott Schneider, SD 30 (R-Indianapolis) s30@in.gov, (317) 232-9808

 Sen. Beverly Gard, SD 28 (R-Greenfield) s28@in.gov, (317) 232-9493

 Sen. Dennis Kruse, SD 14 (R-Auburn) s14@in.gov, (317) 233-0930

 Sen. Jean Leising, SD 42 (R-Oldenburg) s42@in.gov, (317) 234-9054

 Sen. Marlin Stutzman, SD 13 (R-Howe) s13@in.gov, (317) 232-9493

 Sen. Carlin Yoder, SD 12 (R-Middlebury) s12@in.gov, (317) 232-9984

 Sen. Jean Breaux, SD 34 (D-Indianapolis) s34@in.gov, (317) 232-9461

 Sen. Bob Deig, SD 49 (D-Mt. Vernon) s49@in.gov, (317) 232-9523

 Sen. Sue Errington, SD 26 (D-Muncie) s26@in.gov, (317) 232-9526

 Sen. Lonnie Randolph, SD 2 (D-East Chicago) s2@in.gov, (317) 232-9847

 Senate Republican staff http://www.in.gov/legislative/house_republicans/staff.html

Senate Democratic Staff http://www.in.gov/legislative/senate_democrats/staff.htm


RMM = Ranking Minority Member

HD = House District

SD = Senate District

E-mail: h#@in.gov, s#@in.gov

Note: in place of the “#” symbol, add the legislator’s district number (one or two digits)

Please make a point to contact your state legislators NOW and especially if they are a member of either of these two committees.



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