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Indiana General Assembly Enters the Twilight Zone March 2, 2010

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Click on the links below to download theme song.
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To get into the proper frame of mind for the activities this week at the State Capitol while Conference Committees are considered by state legislators during the final week of the 2010 Indiana General Assembly, click one of the links above to download the theme song from the Twilight Zone.

The popular TV show aired from October 2, 1959 through June 19, 1964. It was a CBS Science Fiction Anthology and the program left a lasting impression on me growing up. Outside of Gunsmoke which ran from 1955 to 1975, the Twilight Zone was perhaps my father’s favorite  TV show. 

Anything could and did happen on this mind altering program much like events during Conference Committee. Although the process has improved somewhat over the years I have been working the State House, it is a somewhat bizarre process at times. Much of what state legislators do is becoming increasingly transparent with live video streaming of actions on the floor of the House and the Senate as well as selected committee hearings but not so with Conference Committees. At times some conference committees meet and deliberate in public but more often than not the process is like an iceberg submerged under the water, treacherous and unseen.

Enough of the analogies. So how does the process work? Watch here for more details.





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