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IURC 2009 Net Metering Required Reporting Summary March 23, 2010

Posted by Laura Arnold in Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).
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The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) has released its annual report on net metering this month.

The full report can be found here: http://www.in.gov/iurc/files/2009_Net_Metering_Required_Reporting_Summary.pdf

Indiana’s net metering rules (rules) became effective in March 2005 and spell out the minimum standard offering required of utilities as well as the participation requirements for eligible customers and utilities alike. As defined in 170 IAC §4‐4.2, an eligible net metering customer means a customer in good standing who owns and operates a solar, wind, or hydroelectric generating facility with a capacity of less than or equal to 10kW on their premises.

This report summarizes the net metering reports filed by each of the investor‐owned utilities (IOU) in compliance with 170 IAC §4‐4.2‐9(c).

170 IAC 4‐4.2‐9(c) On or before March 1 of each year, each investorowned electric utility shall file with the commission a net metering report. The net metering report shall contain the following:

(1) The total number of eligible net metering customers and facilities.

(2) The number, size, and type (solar, wind, hydro) of net metering facilities.

(3) The number of new eligible net metering customers interconnected during the previous calendar year.

(4) The number of existing eligible net metering customers that ceased participation in the net metering tariff during the previous calendar year.

(5) If available, data on the amount of electricity generated by net metering facilities.

(6) A list of any system emergency disconnections that occurred in accordance with section 5(f) of this rule and an explanation of each system emergency.


We note the rules afford the opportunity for a utility to move beyond the minimum standard offering and provide net metering to customers above that level at its discretion. A review of the submitted net metering reports identifies Duke Energy Indiana as a utility that has exercised this opportunity. The individual utility net metering reports are included in Appendix A.





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