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Purdue Hosts Emissions Trading Workshop April 30, 2010

Posted by Laura Arnold in Emissions Trading/Cap and Trade, Uncategorized.

Today (04/30/2010) I am attending on the Purdue University West Lafayette Campus a tightly scripted Emissions Trading Workshop presented by the Purdue Climate Change Research Center. Otto C.  Doering, who is a Professor of Agricultural Economics is currently the Director of the Purdue Climate Change Research Center.

My final Agenda this morning upon arrival states: A summary report of the workshop proceedings will be available in summer, 2010 at: www.purdue.edu/climate/emissionstrading.

PDF’s of the presentations are now available at http://www.purdue.edu/climate/emissionstrading.html (05/13/10)

It is my hope that as similar meetings and workshops on various energy topics are conducted throughout the State of Indiana I can recruit individuals who attend these events to submit brief reports with information on how to access on-line or receive relevant summaries of timely energy discussions occurring within our state. For example, the Rose-Hulman Engineering Management’s Spring Seminar, “Energy-Driven Innovation”  was presented in Terre Haute on April 23rd.

As an alumnus of the West Lafayette Purdue campus, I am very impressed with my first visit to the Burton Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship where the conference is being hosted today.

The list of Workshop Participants in the workshop packet shows a very impressive collection of individuals from academia, the utility industry, state and local government, industry and non-profits as well as a splattering of Purdue students.

I will update this blog post so check back if this subject is of interest to you.



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