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More comments from R/E Installers about Net Metering in Indiana June 8, 2010

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Here is the text of an email sent to Joe Sutherland, Executive Director of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) on June 1st  before the June 3rd public hearing on net metering held in Indianapolis. Tell us your story or experience with net metering and interconnection of your renewable energy system in Indiana.
Dear Joseph,
My name is Rob Talbott. I own a renewable energy contracting business in Kendallville,IN. We have noticed on several installations done by other contractors, that the net metering guidelines are not being followed and or met by the contractors and or the utility providers as well. REMC has given us forward and reversing meters in Huntington County and has several turbines on their grid,that other contractors did not request net metering on, so the produced power is being shoved back onto the grid and no credits are being given to the home owners.  They said at REMC they would order extra meters and provide them to these folks per our discussions. I have not followed up to see if they have. With my customers, I make sure have got net metering correctly installed.
Recently in North Liberty, St. Joseph County, I have incurred an issue with NIPSCO at Don Wehlann’s residence. I have requested the forward and reversing meter and they said they do not have one to offer me for his Skystream wind turbine. And cannot tell me a date when they will be available. But said they are working on it.
And NIPSCO wants me or the owner to buy a second meter base and pay for the installation of it.  On a 400A meter, 1P, 240V ,this would cost about 2,500.00 to do and is not cost effective. And NIPSCO said they will not pay for the extra equipment that they are requesting, and they should be required to provide us net metering there. 
similarly, AEP of Fort Wayne had the same issue on the Local 305 IBEW electrical workers hall 5kw P.V. installation project as well, but resolved the issue once the request was initialized. I am not aware if it was in a timely manner though.
Anyways, NIPSCO will not give me an available date this meter will be provided to my customer Don Wehlann.
Further, his turbine has been grid connected since last January of 2009 with no Credits being issued to him! Along with several units that other contractors have installed in that area there. Don should be given a pro-rated payback at the least I feel, per month, since Jan. of 2009. When his turbine was commissioned. The unit is rated at 2,400W average and is what my one customers in Huntington is producing each month now.
REMC gave her credit for the one month energy production, as it took for REMC to supply the correct equipment to the homeowner. Which is acceptable and fair.
I cannot attend the meeting due to prior scheduling conflicts, but sure wish I could attend. These issues need addressed right away and there should be some penalties incurred by the utility companies for non-compliance. And the credits should be issued to all these other customers. And pro-rated per installation, and date of each specific installation.
Thanks for your time and assistance in advance.
If you have any questions, feel free to call me.
Thank you, Sincerely, Rob Talbott
8870E., 1000N.
260-347-8382 SHOP
260-347-8383 FAX
260-349-8382 CELL



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