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NIPSCO Net Metering and Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Case Schedule Revised; NIPSCO Spreadsheet Analysis for FIT Rates Revealed October 6, 2010

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The second Technical Conference  in the NIPSCO net metering and feed-in tariff case in Cause No. 43922 was conducted Monday afternoon October 4th. 

Most of the Technical Conference was devoted to a spreadsheet analysis presented by NIPSCO supporting its proposed feed-in tariff rates.

See NIPSCO Feed-in Model Spreadsheets

For a general overview, please see the PowerPoint NIPSCO presented at the first Technical Conference.

Net Metering and Feed in Tariff Tech FINAL_9.20.10[1]

One change to the procedural schedule for this case was made which affects the intervention of Indiana Distributed Energy Advocates (IDEA) as well as the Public  or the Office of the Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC) and Intervenors. The date for the Public and Intervenors to pre-file their testimony has been changed from October 15th to November 10th, however, the other filing dates remain the same. 

If a settlement is not reached amongst the parties to the proceeding, Evidentiary Hearings will commence on December 16th beginning at 1:00 pm and continue on December 17th.

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) also granted a petition to intervene on behalf of Bio Town Ag which is proposing to build a 2.8 MW anaerobic digester in Reynolds, Indiana.  The other intervenors now include the Citizens Action Coalition (CAC) and the Hoosier Chapter of the Sierra Club.

IDEA is still seeking individuals and companies to financially support intervention in this proceeding. For more information or details on how to support this intervention, please contact Laura Arnold at (317) 635-1701 or Laura.Arnold@indianaDG.org.



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