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Duke Energy Indiana 2013 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) Stakeholder Engagement Workshop Dec. 5, 2012 November 30, 2012

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Dear IndianaDG Readers:

Just when I was hoping things might slow down for the Holidays, energy/utility events and activities seem to be accelerating. Please find below information about Duke Energy Indiana’s Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) upcoming “stakeholder engagement process”. To get a flavor of what is involved and/or contained in an electric utility’s IRP please scroll down to download a copy of Duke’s last IRP from 2011.  You can also find a copy of this document on-line at http://www.duke-energy.com/pdfs/2011_Indiana_IRP_Plan.pdf.

Two other things happened yesterday involving  Duke Energy yesterday:

Don’t blink or you might miss something!

Laura Ann Arnold

Duke Energy Indiana has established a stakeholder engagement process to inform our 2013 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) in compliance with the proposed Commission IRP rule. Duke Energy Indiana has hired Dr. Marty Rozelle of The Rozelle Group, Ltd. to help design and facilitate the IRP stakeholder engagement process. She is an independent public participation specialist who regularly works with companies, government agencies, and local communities on stakeholder outreach activities.


Duke Energy Indiana has four main objectives for this stakeholder engagement process.

  • Listen: Understand our stakeholders’ concerns and objectives.
  • Educate: Increase stakeholders’ understanding of Duke Energy Indiana’s current and future energy situation, challenges, choices, complexity of resource decisions and need for flexibility.
  • Feedback: Provide a forum for productive stakeholder feedback on specific topics at key points in the IRP process to inform Duke Energy Indiana’s decision-making.
  • Comply: Comply with the proposed Commission IRP rule.

Advisory process overview

Duke Energy Indiana will seek participants’ feedback throughout the IRP development process. At the core of the process is a series of four workshops.

Workshop 1: Dec. 5, 2012

Workshop 2: January 30, 2013

Workshop 3: April 2013

Workshop 4: August 2013

Integrated Resource Plan Overview

Duke Energy Indiana will be filing its 2013 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for the State of Indiana with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission by November 1, 2013. This plan, a 20-year forecast required by the Commission, outlines how we will serve our existing and future customers in a reliable and economic manner. Duke Energy Indiana uses the resource planning process to identify the best options to serve customers’ energy and capacity needs in the future. As reference, the 2011 Duke Energy Indiana’s IRP is available for download through the link in Related Links above right.

Download HERE > 2011_Indiana_IRP_Plan_Duke Energy Indiana



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