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Please find below documents filed with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission in the NIPSCO net metering and feed-in tariff case in Cause No. 43922.

Direct Testimony of NIPSCO:

Direct Testimony of Indiana Distributed Energy Advocates (IDEA):

Direct Testimony of Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC):

Direct Testimony of  BioTown Ag (BTA):

Direct Testimony of Citizens Action Coalition (CAC):

Direct Testimony of Hoosier Chapter, Sierra Club (HCSC):



1. Rob Hefner - March 31, 2011

Any cited information to Eric Cotton’s testimony on the wind cost basis for the 100kW – 1MW would be appreciated. It looks like there might have been a great underestimation as to the cost of installing single or distributed systems in that range. One might see a $.05 per kW justifiable in a 100MW farm where installation and bulk turbine cost have been shared to reduce the overall cost per kW, but in a single turbine installation for machines larger than 60 meters high, the cost of the crane and installation could easily exceed $1 million alone. Now factor in the cost of the turbine, electrical interconnection and transportation issues surrounding a larger turbines and you have at least doubled your cost two $2 million for a machine that would produce 1,900,000 kwh in a good wind regime. = 10cents is fair.

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