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NIPSCO Feed-in Tariff Settlement Agreement

After several months of meetings and phone calls, a Settlement Agreement was filed 4/18/2011 in the NIPSCO Net Metering and Feed-in Tariff case in Cause No. 43922.

The next step in this case is a hearing before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 9:30 am in Room 222 of the PNC Center, Indianapolis, IN. It is hoped that the IURC will approve the Settlement Agreement within 30-45 days. The final IURC order will be uploaded here as soon as it becomes available.

The Settlement Packet includes the proposed Feed-in Tariff and Net Metering Tariffs as well as the Standard Renewable Power Purchase Agreement. Please read carefully.

43922 Settlement Packet (Final)[2]_filed_18April2011

Testimony filed supporting the Settlement Agreement:


IDEA Statement on NIPSCO Net Meteringand Feed-in Tariff Settlement Agreement

 “The Settlement Agreement reached by all the parties is a refreshing and encouraging outcome for renewable energy and distributed generation development in NW Indiana. This settlement represents an open collaborative process to create a three year pilot program which will benefit all of NIPSCO’s customers directly or indirectly” said Laura Ann Arnold, President of Indiana Distributed Energy Advocates (IDEA), a party to the case.  Other parties included the Office of the Utility Consumer Counselor, Citizens Action Coalition, Hoosier Chapter of the Sierra Club and Bio Town Ag.

A feed-in tariff (FIT) is a program where a utility publishes a price list to purchase renewable energy produced from renewable energy and distributed generation under a long term contract within there service territory. The Agreement provides that NIPSCO would purchase this power as follows:

“NIPSCO voluntarily proposed significant changes in their net metering policy in addition to proposing the new feed-in tariff. The synergism of the process and willingness of the parties to roll up their sleeves and get into the details of the current renewable energy market has resulted in a conservative feed-in-tariff that should serve as a national model” said Arnold. “All parties involved worked very hard through this process, and acquired a deep understanding of the issues. This collaborative process was a learning experience for everyone, and the hard work by all parties will ensure that this pilot will be successful with bringing renewable energy systems on-line.”

Eric Cotton, an IDEA member and witness in the case said, “Hoosiers in NW Indiana have a lot to be pleased with.   This settlement encourages local economic development, energy diversification, provides for all customer classes to participate in the programs, and not to mention better local environmental conditions.”

“The Settlement Agreement is the beginning and not the end of a process to offer and implement programs to enable NIPSCO customers to invest in renewable energy resources” continued Arnold. “IDEA is especially pleased that the settlement includes a small solar and wind system carve-out in this program.  This will allow to a broader group of consumers and developers to participate. Installation of systems under this program will allow all NIPSCO ratepayers and Hoosiers throughout the State of Indiana to learn and understand that solar, wind, small hydro and biomass technologies work here.”


Indiana Distributed Energy Advocates (IDEA) is a non-profit group organized as a trade association to promote renewable energy and distributed generation policies to support economic development, jobs creation and clean energy options for Hoosier consumers. For more information: Laura Ann Arnold (317) 635-170; Laura.Arnold@indianadg.org; www.indianadg.wordpress.com.



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